Supplier Management – a Key to Business Longevity

  Perhaps some of you got their first entrepreneurial impulse when you were a kid and you wanted to make some extra pocket money by setting up a lemonade stand on your street during the summer. And it’s a great premise for a small seasonal business. The weather is hot, people enjoy a refreshing drink […]

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Why Has Stakeholder Management Become a Priority in Procurement?

  People say riding a bike is something you never forget. But what if you learned to ride a bike in such a way that you keep trying to go backwards while braking all the time? That will just look weird and it won’t get you anywhere. And being in a corporation is kind of […]

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sourcing – PART 3

  I have to admit that writing this sourcing blog-series felt like conducting my own personal knowledge sourcing process. Even though my current procurement mission with Cirtuo software deals with introducing a mature strategic infrastructure first and foremost, I actually did spend most of my professional career in sourcing, trying to bring together tactical agility with […]

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sourcing – PART 2

  It’s time to go through an essential piece of the sourcing puzzle, one that is long forgotten, yet very beneficial.   In PART 1 I talked about different types of sourcing, this part will be dedicated to the actual core of the sourcing process, specifically the art of the RFI on the example of […]

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Basics of Sourcing – PART 1

  I’m a great proponent of advanced digitalization within the procurement function. Paired with strategic planning and adequate hiring practices, it’s a combination that is a real game changer for any company. But the current climate of implementation also leaves me with a lingering question: Did all of the progress we’ve made manage to do […]

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How Can Procurement Sapiens Repeat the Success of Homo Sapiens?

  I recently picked up a book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind written by Yuval Noah Harari and could hardly put it down. With ease, Harari accounts for 70,000 years of human history ranging from anthropological, biological, cultural, psychological and economic viewpoints. By tracing out checkpoints for human development with Cognitive Revolution, Agricultural Revolution, […]

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Nobody Understands the CPO’s Troubles

  The windmills that CPOs fight every day are, unfortunately, not illusions as they were in Cervantes’s Don Quixote. But the process is equally maddening, it only differs depending on the size of the company. I begin thinking about this every time a CPO I know leaves his job, voluntarily or otherwise. In most cases, […]

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Integrated Category Management – the Apple of Procurement’s Eye

  It is estimated that when Newton was alive the world’s population was about 650 million people. And presumably, most of the people living at that time saw an apple fall from a tree many times. But only Newton asked why. I’ve been hearing for years that category management is dead, it’s not effective, it’s […]

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Getting back to basics – Two Procurement Questions a CEO Should Ask

  When it comes to procurement, managing directors are often overwhelmed with a lot of concepts, suggestions, and quick win opportunities. And all that can lead them in the wrong direction where they underestimate the influence of an efficient procurement. Short term solutions like reducing costs of purchased materials and tough negotiations sound pretty attractive. […]

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procurement football

How Can Football Help Procurement Goooaaallls?

  It’s clear from the title that I’m a football fan. But besides enjoying the sport, I’m often caught up in the strategies and formation adjustments that top coaches devise. So I’ve decided to indulge myself and bring these two worlds together, because I’ve found interesting similarities and opportunities for improvement in procurement practices by […]

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